Primary Consultation:
Our boutique is an open boutique but we suggest our brides and grooms to book appointments for consultation. The consultation takes place with Karishma during which she goes through our vast collection and suggests the best suitable options according to the client's requirements and suitability . We encourage our clients for their input of ideas whether they are magazine cuttings or ideas in their minds. She makes you go through variety of different fabrics , color and embroidery swatches . Karishma then puts the combined idea of your dream outfit together in a sketch.

Embroidery Swatch:
Once you are happy with the design and place the order, you are provided with a swatch which shows you the exact color, fabric and embroidery you will be having on your final outfit. This makes it easy for you to visualize your outfit and make any changes if required for the final outfit.

Toil (Dummy outfit):
We provide you with a toil/ dummy outfit to ensure that your wedding outfit fits you as you desire and if you want to make any changes to your final outfit ,then you can at this stage.

Final Outfit:
On the arrival of final outfit you are called for a trial and if you have any adjustments they are dealt with in few days by our in house tailors. Once your are happy with your outfit the it is steam ironed and packed with up most care to be worn on the big day.


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